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Permanent Well Abandonment

The dual challenges of managing OPEX while meeting environmental and legislative requirements mean wells should be plugged quickly, cost effectively, safely and above all else, permanently.

But does permanent abandonment really mean forever, or for an unspecified length of time? Much of that depends on which method of abandonment you choose.

Section milling is the only guaranteed method of placing a total 360º circumferential rock-to-rock barrier for the abandonment of a leaking wellbore. This reduces the risk of having to return to the well at a later date to an absolute minimum. No recurring leaks are good for your business and the environment. You can’t get better than that.

Abrado has the most extensive track record of successful dual string section milling in all casing sizes using its patented, dynamically stabilized Medusa® VS technology. Our Operations Excellence methodology makes it faster and more cost effective too by increasing milling efficiency. Better results and lower costs.