Permanent Well Abandonment

Section Milling vs PWS

Section milling is the only guaranteed way to create a permanent, fully circumferential barrier to solve wellbore annular leaks, either back to competent casing or rock-to-rock. Our Medusa® technology makes section milling more cost-effective, more predictable, and easier than ever. And you get the reassurance of complete transparency of the barrier placement. Learn how.

It may be shown to work in single string annular remediation with experienced personnel. But what about multi strings? What if it does not solve the leaks and the barrier must be set and verified at a certain depth? And how do you validate the job once completed? Where has the squeezed cement gone? Can you afford to be wrong? Cheaper, easier, better to do it right the first time.

In annular sustained casing pressure (SCP) situations, section milling gives you the complete 360 deg solid barrier confidence that PWS can’t provide. Abrado surgically removes multiple sections of the casing to enable a complete rock-to-rock permanent barrier. And, unlike PWS, you don’t have to drill out your barrier and interpret logs for validation.

PWS may have short-term appeal for single annular SCP remediation depending on your well, but what if those leaks return? PWS could ultimately be a costly option. In Sustained Casing Pressure (SCP) situations, rock to rock dual/multi-section milling gives you the solid long-term confidence that PWS can’t provide.

Our Medusa® technology removes multiple sections of the casing in situ to enable placement of a complete rock-to-rock permanent barrier.

Medusa® technology

Medusa® section milling and cutting technology was developed to meet the need for a cost-saving, permanent and verifiable 360 degrees barrier to be placed in the wellbore. No need to cut & pull and dispose of casing strings, or to conduct lengthy and expensive pilot milling.