Section Milling

Single & Dual String

Dual String Section Milling

Abrado has the largest range of dual string section milling tools in the market today.  Abrado's Medusa® VS performs dynamically stabilized single and multiple string section milling of casing while ensuring no adverse damage to outer casing strings. The Medusa® self centralizes inside the string of casing it is milling so that eccentric casing strings can be milled selectively. No matter what your section milling needs are, there is a tool in the Medusa® product line to get the job done. Our Medusa® CT cutting technology was developed specifically for ThruTubing P&A to meet the need for permanent rock to rock barrier placement without the need to remove production tubing. Medusa® CT is backed by Abrado’s extensive experience in dual string section milling and is run on conventional coiled tubing. The tool is fully stabilized while milling upwards below a left-hand rotation mud motor and Abrado’s patent-pending CT Release Tool.